Grow your clientele with Custom CRM Software


Customer Relationship Management Software is best to keep the data of all customers at one point and utilize the available information in making future decisions. Clients’ information itself is the market analysis to understand current trends, preference towards any specific service or products, purchasing power etc. Minibig provides a powerful software solution to organizations that delivers an opportunity to add “value added services” for its customers, vendors, partners and other stakeholders. We develop a planned structure with an improved knowledge and experience in the fields of plugins, JavaScript, WCF web services, programming, SSRS, Scribe and operating systems for better mobile applications. We develop a custom CRM and keep you intact during the implementation process with a deep guidance and advice in every stage for a better system.

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Find the Smarter way to Success

  • Incorporated System:

    CRM system developed by Minibig, suits best with the current applications, services and scenario used by the organization

  • Leads Management:

    Our tailor-made CRM custom Solution ensures you leverage by managing the leads with reminders, records, reports, follow-ups and customer details.

  • Mobile Compatibility:

    We can modify the CRM system to CRM responsive designs or compatible software for enabling organization meet their customer’s expectations.

  • Efficient Service:

    Deadlines, cost, budget and timely delivery is the first priority by our management and developers in order to satisfy the clients.

  • User-Friendly Layout:

    A custom user-friendly layout makes it easy for the staff to get into it, quicker than the typical complex software. It enhances the productivity.

  • Sustained Records:

    We provide our clients with a backup support plan to keep the records of their customers at a central place with accessibility defined at each managerial level.

  • Research and Development Department:

    With our CRM solution, the company can monitor the behavior of clients towards product/service. Consequently, helps in making proper promotional decisions.