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Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a process of business to build an integrated management software to allow any company/organization to integrate separate applications or modules that manage many office departments, responsibilities and tasks. Organizations have many departments like, human resource, marketing, finance, sales, production and inventory. Those all departments’ details are easily recorded, analyzed and managed via modules of ERP and a centralized system that helps in decision making uses these records.

A single database integrates many facets of an operation and provides a systematic flow of information on time. It is an enterprise application require a team to handle it all the time and diagnose details. It needs to be upgraded as per need of departments. Small businesses do also use ERP designed to cater requirements of those firms.

ERP Modules: Multiple modules build an ERP. Each module is comprised of a business function or department.

Customized ERP: Some of the ERP programs are developed already depending on common requirements of an industry – such as common functions/operations of a textile manufacturing company remain same. Sometimes each company demands some unique or custom features in ERP modules or limited modules in an ERP program.

Minibig Technologies is a platform to provide custom and standard ERP programs to fulfill needs of firm related to any industry.