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Academic Management System

Academic Management System

Academic management system is the centralized system for smooth functionality of educational institutions. It helps management, faculty and students, equally to get informed on time. It enables mass communication between users regarding events, decisions, announcements and daily activities. A planning system that helps taking steps day to day in formal professional manner.

Functions and benefits:

Administrative benefits – It helps in administrative workflow by improved structure, planning and scheduling process. It manages day to day tasks which are preplanned and need execution. It benefits academies for not just short term but also for long term. Its connectivity and notifications features keeps interaction up all the time and removes barriers in interaction.

Faculty Benefits – For faculty it is useful in context of keeping students and management updated. It generates the best courses and syllabus for students that teachers can follow for best outcomes. Conducting tests, uploading papers, assignments, notes and books that concerned students can reach anytime. Updating with results, timings, schedules to students and reporting about everything to management while staying home.

Students Benefits – Students deserve chances for success that can be achieved while allowing students to avail tools attached with Minibig Tech’s Academic management system. They remain updated about any new technology, news, new features and smart setups.

Additional Feature: Minibig technologies can apply mobile application feature in order to keep management, students and faculty, active and connected all the time.