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Twitter Advertising

Twitter is a social networking website which limits words in messages and allow people texting quickly and instantly. Its messages/text are like chirps – a high pitched but a short sound. Messages on twitter are called tweets. Twitter has more than 300 million per month visitors. It has turned itself unbound of website and is serving on mobile phones/smartphones. Smartphone usage has dropped usage of webpage behind by more than 86%.

This advertising is used to promote quality tweets. Their mode of advertising is not that simple as considered by businesses. It can promote timelines accounts and tweets. These promotions are worthy for some businesses who understand the changes of not being reported properly.

Tracking And Reporting Of Twitter Advertising: Minibigtech serves clients by meeting their business needs on twitter and understands dealing with all hurdles and lacking of twitter ads reports. We track and report on daily basis as it can save time and get related followers. Reporting and tracking is an issue faced by many businesses while marketing through twitter.

Quick Response: we help businesses to respond meanwhile any tweets appear after promotion.

Adjustment Of Advertisements: Our team adjusts advertise parameters, hold campaigns and set timings depending on peak hours for targeting market.