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Remarketing also known as retargeting is a marketing technique that keeps the website fresh in mind of buyers or consumers who have already been through with you or the most relevant audience get attracted towards your website. This technique guarantees higher ROIs. With other advertisement strategies while MiniBigTech brings visitors on your website for the very first time, retargeting represent them the same website by tracking the searches they make. Whatever target market is looking for anywhere they will be served gently with the ads of your website for such relevant items and services.

AdWords Remarketing:

AdWords remarketing campaign lets your visitor or those who have used the app of smartphones, view the ad.

Facebook Remarketing:

Social website Facebook basically used as advertisement area is also beneficial in increasing sales via promoting items, pages and posts. Facebook remarketing strategies can bring the clients back.

Why choose MiniBig Technologies for Remarketing?

Sometimes people get creepy and feel weird seeing same things again and again. They might assume your following act upon them all the time and feel unsafe. Trouble in making several ads and keeping fresh look of advertisement for same people who might have bought the displayed item from you or someone else. Minibig Technologies has the ability to keep information of all tracked people and vary the ads displayed for such public.

• We make your clients visit you again for items they are looking for
• We tell you, how loyal the customer is and make them loyal if they are not
• We modify your ads to bring conversions and build great interest for second visits
• We keep track of clicks and searches made by public
• We make ads to display separately to different type of public
• Remarketing is made by apps as well
• We create and setup remarketing tags, campaigns and contextual advertisements