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Per Pay Click (PPC)

Pay per click programs are the advertising techniques that generate leads, invite customers and enhance sales. It can put the name of brand in front of strong customers. MiniBigTech can provide the PPC advertisement that will keep the sales team up all the time due to continuous leads. Our PPC advertising meets market standards and needs. We provide paid search advertisements, display advertisements, best pay per click marketing, social advertising and video advertising with up-to-date management. Business return on investment is increased by our team with instant response on leads. MiniBig Technologies’ result of PPC marketing is higher due to:

• Complete overview of business
• Shaping of ads based on business and its needs
• Recommendation of activities
• Reviewing of all options
• Improvements of landing pages.

We monitor activities, serve as a PPC manager and make sure there are maximum conversions.
Video Adverts – With experienced and creative team we have strength to increase awareness of your brand or product by video advertisement.
Social Adverts – Get your brand viral with social ads generated by our service.
Display Adverts – we have list of display strategies for making of brand, having huge exposure and conversion ratio.
Paid Search Adverts – a wise way to spend money in promotional activities that can make potential relations with customers.
PPC Remarketing – our team can keep the users and visitors engaged in adverts of your business or brand, develop interest in product/service and bring sales.