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Media Buying

Media Buying

Media buying is an act of purchasing advertisement from a company or a website or an agency. Rates and features differ from website to website and type of ad purchased. It’s same as the columns purchased on newspapers or magazine to promote something. Some of the critical factors considered while buying media for a website from online means are,

• Number of pages where ad will appear
• Size of advertisements – small or large
• Type of ad – media or text
• Number of days the ad will remain visible
• Place where the ad will be placed
• From where the traffic belongs to – demographics of website

Higher the exposure, higher will be the cost of ad. Media buying is important for any business to enhance customer base. Media buyers make negotiations while buying spaces on web pages to transmit the message. It has to be examined prior making any purchase:

• The website selected has target market as traffic
• Suitable demographics

Minibig technologies makes the clients happy, satisfied by presenting creative ideas in online media buying decision.

• We use different tools in media purchase, ads research, competitive tools
• Solve complex situation of buying fruitful media
• Use customized approach
• Save time and money by strategies
• Better prices
• Cost cutting techniques
• Improvement in response
• Understand risks attached and solving them
• Dedicated way of media planning and buying