A new generation of Television was introduced by end February 2018, when Google officially announced the launch of YouTube Television. The sole purpose if introducing this concept was to give freedom to the consumers to watch what they want, when they want and how they want to watch all of their favorite shows.

This new concept of live TV has changed the concept of commitment and limitations with regards to surfing through your favorite channels and TV shows. The service can be withdrawn at any time which means there is no contract and it can be avail at $40 per month with a few selections of add-ons.

The major channels, when it was first launched were CBS, FOX, NBC, apart from more than 40 lined up networks which included 10 sports networks. It gives the YouTube generation unlimited cloud DVR storage which contains the former TV shows as well as live shows which are ongoing through various channels.

Recently, on the 29th of April 2018, Google put forth its latest strategy to woo the advertisers and marketers. The strategy was based on three new TV-focused ad offerings with reference to Google’s ongoing effort of capturing the attention of TV brand advertisers towards YouTube TV.

The timing of making this announcement public was epic as it was just ahead of the week’s Digital Content NewFronts, 2018 in NYC. The ad offerings were pretty much interesting for advertisers because it was able to hit the right chord.

At a closer look, the three points of the ad offerings indicated:

  • The YouTube advertisements will not be confined to the screens of smartphones, desktops and tablets, but will also be able to roll out on the TV screens which is much more of a popular destination for advertisements, as YouTube is watched on TV sets for over 150 million hours per day.
  • There is a large chunk of audience who prefer watching television content online, and YouTube refers to these people as “Light TV Viewers”. For advertisers, it is harder to cater the light TV viewers as they mostly, if not always, watch TV online, but through this strategy, the advertisers would be able to target that audience.
  • This broadcast season, YouTube is set forward in making YouTube TV ad inventory for purchase. This will be possible through Google Preferred, as it allows to run the ads on YouTube’s top creators’ channels, and this will enable the brands to make space for their ads on linear TV.

If these strategies work out, it will be a big revolution in the marketing and advertising industry as well as bring great benefits for Google and their current efforts related to YouTube TV.