Monday, 4th of June 2018 marks yet another year of a successful World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) by Apple. Taking advantage of the platform, Apple unveiled some great software updates.

The four biggest ecosystems of Apple, which includes iOS (iPhone and iPad software), watchOS (Apple watch software), macOS (Mac software) and tvOS Apple TV software) are expected to undergo some major enhancement through addition of new features.

Apple unveiled the iOS 12, its latest software update for the mobile operating system. The fact that makes this update the largetroll out of any operating system update is that it is available on all the devices hosting the last update, thus users don’t have to go through the hustle of upgrading their phone.

The Augmented Reality platform of Apple has undergone one of the biggest improvements. The ARKit 2.0 will feature improved face recognition and tracking, 3D object detection, realistic renderings along with shared experiences.

The new measuring app introduced in this update is remarkable and so is the feature that allows multiple users to build the virtual cities through its Lego experience. Apple has covered yet another milestone by introducing USDZ; its very own file format for AR which will create a more streamlined approach to AR and enable developers to share 3D models across Apple devices.

One of the keynotes which was most focused on was the improvement of speed and efficiency of all Apple devices. The simple tasks in all Apple devices, as per claimed by Apple, will speed up a notch through iOS 12, such as up to 40% faster app launch, up to 50% faster keyboard display and up to 70% faster to camera.

Apple’s personalized emojis introduced last year as Animojis has also upgraded to MI Mojis, which allows the users to have their customizable avatars. Even if Apple is pretty late in introducing this feature, the popularity of this feature amongst users has compelled Apple to introduce this feature along with a minor upgrade in which the IM Moji can stick out its tongue.

The update in FaceTime will allow the users to video chat with up to 32 people at a time, which as remarkable as it appears, it raises a serious concern that whether iOS 12 will be able to converge so many videos at once.

The activities in the workout app have also been updated and now the users can access a number of activities like hiking, yoga and biking etc. but what makes the Apple watch OS even more extraordinary is the automatic workout feature that automatically tracks the workout as your heartbeat rises. It also showcased a feature similar to a walkie-talkie which allows the users to talk into their watch.

The digital wellness of the users was one of the main concerns and Apple had put a lot of attention to this subject. The more robust do not disturb app lets you set time limits for when you can receive notifications while the screen time app gives you reports on how much time your family spends on the phone, in general and a particular app, specifically giving you control over the content being watched.

The shortcut for Siri as introduced by Apple, will allow users t to create their own custom features. For instance, if a user says, “I’m heading to the coffee shop”, Siri will piece out show a list of coffee shops nearby.

The macOS Mojave brings in a ton of incremental updates. Dark mode dims most of the elements on the screen, anjourbeyd updates the finder to making it easier to organize and stack files intelligently. Overall Mojave appears to be the one step solution to your desktop organization.

The AppStore is not left behind in the long run of improvements. Everything is stacked under tabs and the introduction of a new discovery tab helps users to find editorial apps effortlessly.

The Apple TV had also undergone some significant upgrades, particularly on how users sign into apps. The hustle of entering the username and password for every app will be long forgotten as you Apple TV will now be able to remember all of your logins if you’re connected to your home Wi-Fi. Another significant update in the Apple TV is the audio update in which tvOS will now support Dolby’s Atmos soundboard which makes Apple TV the only TV to be Dolboy Atmos and version, both version certified.

The CarPlay will now support third party navigation apps, like Google maps and Waze, which is expected to make the users a little more interested in using the car play.

Overall, the WWDC seemed to be a promising and successful conference for Apple users around the globe.