The many shopaholics out there are considered as the unique sort of audience in the magical land of digital marketing. Many social media platforms have broadened the idea of their existence from ‘connecting people’ to ‘engaging people’. How did that happen in such a short period of time, you wonder? Well, it all happened through the concept of e-commerce marketing and m-commerce marketing.

The latest trend that has hit the world of digital marketing with a bang is the Snapchat e-commerce store. As for now, its roots have not penetrated too deep into the soil of the e-commerce and m-commerce marketing, but it has great ambitions of expanding this plan to something more authentic and vast.

Snapchat, earlier this year, upgraded its discover section by adding a new digital store, which marks the app’s first time of selling its own branded merchandise.

This e-commerce store is currently pretty active as it is selling its in-app branded merchandise which includes products ranging from $20 to $50. As for now, Snapchat has not yet allowed any other brand to sell its merchandise through this platform as it is selling the in-app merchandise like sweatshirts and plush toys; its famous dancing hot dog.

It was assumed that Snapchat started this paradigm to recoup its $443 million Q3 2017 net loss and this assumption led to the explanation that Snapchat is doing so to appease its investors after the huge loss in 2017 and the fact that as this ambition starts growing and more users, especially Digital Marketing Agencies, get engaged to this e-commerce store, the app could opt to sell its higher priced in-app products, like the camera equipped sunglasses- Spectacles worth $130.

The whole assumptions and worrisome went in vain when snapchat pulled off the greatest collaboration which had a wonderful impact on the people as the sole focus of this stunt was the never-ending hype of sneakers blended with a touch of augmented reality and presented on the platter of e-commerce store, which was possible by collaborating with Shopify, Darkstore and R/GA, over the NBA (National Basketball Association) All-Star Game Weekend.

This stunt was basically focused on the life-size Michael Jordan augmented-reality lens and the main focus point of this lens was the Air Jordan III Tinker sneaker which was unreleased at that time and went on sale immediately after, via a special Snapcode and was delivered within the same day. This campaign also proposed that there is much space apart from amazon in the universe of e-commerce.