Say Bye To Malware, Adblocker Extension For Microsoft Edge


Say Bye to Malware, Ad blocker extension for Microsoft Edge

Say Bye To Malware, Adblocker Extension For Microsoft Edge

Extensions are being many Edge browser users have been crying out, but from now Microsoft Edge is available to use extensions and experience better. What else have to read when you are getting the distracting ads on the blogs you have browsed.

This is an HONEST REVIEW of uBlock origin Ad blocker for Microsoft Edge. After the research of few minutes on the Internet, finally, I got the thing I needed! An ad blocker which really works in Microsoft Edge.

uBlock origin is available for x86 and x64 bits, and obviously, installation is available for up to v10 Windows devices developed by Nik Rolls. Here’s some of the comparison about how uBlock origin is best to be here and in your browser.

Abp Plus vs. Ublock Origin

Ad Blocker Plus has drifted a bit with its plans by showing trusted ads and utilizing significantly from higher resources.


This really gives Edge the ed.. Ahem never mind. Without this extension, any browser is almost unusable. While the pre-alpha story worked alright the fact that it had to be side loaded apparently made it slightly difficult to average users. Thus it’s great to see it in the store, especially for the store itself as quality devs are rare.

Easy Button To Enable/disable Ublock Per Website:

Really like the easy-to-use feature that lets you block and not block certain websites right on the extension pop-out window.

Review From A User Bernard:

Great, from an ex Adblock Plus user.

Switched over to it from Ad Block Plus. ublock origin, could only find through link on website, first tried searching store but said nothing found. Fix your Store search Microsoft.


Try this extension early and report any issues at Github for users as well developers can customize and suggest edits with open source codes and discussions.

How To Install Ublock Origin:

So you have installed the Windows 10 on your PC, It’s time to integrate the uBlock origin extension on your Edge browser. Go to the Windows Store page here It will redirect you to the Win Store application on your PC.

Now click on “Get the app” button, tick… tick… Downloading… after the completion of download now I assume a Launch button is available there on your app store, let’s click it! Should automatically open the Microsoft Edge.

Now click on the ellipsis on the top right corner of your browser and turn on the uBlock origin. You can share this article if you love it let’s worth my writing.