Responsive Web Design And Its Importance In Search Engine Optimization


Responsive Web Design And Its Importance In Search Engine Optimization

Responsive Web Design And Its Importance In Search Engine Optimization

Responsiveness of website is about those techniques through which any website can be changed easily as per the screen. It enables a website to be easy and readable for any type of screen. Search engine optimization can also not work that much, if your website is not responsive.

Importance Of Responsive Web Design

The importance of responsive web design in this era can be highlighted by the fact that most of the individuals are using different types of screens rather than using a personal computer. Main reasons why the responsive web design should be used are listed below

Google Bots And Responsive Web Design

As responsive web design has a unified code it is so important for search engine optimization and it’s valuable as well. Couple of years ago just few of the best websites had two versions including a personal computer and the mobile versions. Google bots and different search engines bots given forms to the pages that are accessible everywhere anywhere and on any device with clean type of page. Responsive websites do always be accessed as they are responsive. Because of repetition of content there is plagiarism issue. In case you want to make different versions for mobile, laptop, tabs and personal computer then you have to modify the content for every version. Simple solution is making a responsive website in which a single website is automatically modified for different screens. Google prefers responsive website rather than a repetition of content in repeated versions. It can be crawled faster in search engines. Search engine optimization works better in this condition when your website is responsive because your content is original and unique all the time. It’s going to enhance the page ranking.

Mobile, Smartphones And Responsive Web Design

Most of the individuals nowadays use the smart phones or mobile phones for searching and browsing purposes. In this case the responsive website is better because it is as for the expectations of all the users who use internet and browse through smart phones. It can increase the expected user experience. Google keeps track of all the activities that are made on a website through different devices like mobile phones and desktop computers. Usage of mobile phone for search has taken over the searches made on desktop computers. It’s now important to make a website mobile-friendly as this information is gathered by Google and other search engines. It can improve the search engine results page through which the content is delivered to the user. Mobile responsive websites are more favorable nowadays.

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