Minibig technologies is compelled to sorrowfully announce to all our valuable customers and general audience that our office building had caught fire which resulted in huge destruction and a loss of all of our valuable data.

The fire had engulfed the building on the 2nd of May 2018, early in the morning, in the cable servers and slowly penetrated in the entire surroundings of the server’s room. The cause of the fire as per reported by the technicians, was the short circuit in one of the UPS battery’s terminals and soon the entire UPS and the servers were set on fire.

The incident was huge enough to cause the loss of all the hours the employees had spent working hard for the company and all the important deliverables of our clients, but by the Grace of Almighty Allah no soul was hurt.

As it is rightly said that there is no alarm before the storm, we also unimaginably got hit by this gruesome accident. But we assure you that this incident is nothing in front of our great ambitions.

We promise to build ourselves stronger and come back with more dedication and sincerity to our clients. Witness our journey of becoming from big to bigger and getting back on track in no time.