Launching Of Video Call By WhatsApp


Feature Has Been Made Compatible For Android, iOS And Windows Phone

Launching Of Video Call By WhatsApp Feature Has Been Made Compatible For Android, iOS And Windows Phone

WhatsApp has added a feature of end-to-end encryption for all of its messages. And now whats-app is using the same feature for video calling systems. Video calling system of Whats-app is available for all the users worldwide. Whats-app already made itself a very famous and popular communication system and from now it will start competing Skype. All those video calling service providing applications are now in competition with Whats-app calling system. All those video calls made on Whats-app will be secured by encryption.

According to the company video calling service is necessary for any application of communication because sometimes just Voice and text is not enough. Being connected with your loved ones has no substitute, and Whats-app has started thinking about your emotions. As Whats-app  is a giant application that is being used worldwide for communicating with families, friends and relatives, video calling feature has made it simple for people to keep in touch with all those, you want to stay connected.

As far as security is concerned, the end-to-end encryption of has made it easy for people to trust on this application and use it frequently as companies or government authorities are not going to read any messages.

According to the co-founder of Whats-app, video calling is a very important feature which was missing in this application and it has increased the communication level within 180 countries.