Introduction to Digital Marketing By Minibig Technologies


Minibig Technologies is a Karachi, Pakistan based digital media and design company that deals with the different cum tremendous varieties of services using the latest technology and digital trends. We aim to provide the best quality services to our valuable clients and help them in enhancing their business using digital media and techniques. Furthermore, our all departments and its team members are highly trained, skilled, talented, and experienced enough that they can easily guide the client as per their choice and will deliver the exact output that meets the client’s expectations genuinely.

Moreover, this digital agency in Karachi is offering the following services:

 What is ERP by Minibig?

In addition to this, Minibig is doing digital marketing by using the most demanding and latest ERP systems. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP operates via a database management system that is created by IT professionals to monitor and control the overall business through digital technology. By using these new ERP systems businesses can be handle altogether from one place. Collection of ideas, storage of inventory, management issues, data interpretation, and many more other different business activities can be done using this system.

There is a software named ERP software that is specially developed for managing the ERP systems under the supervision of trained and experienced professionals. This system provides an opportunity to facilitate any business or industry from one place as per the proper and synchronized plan in a professional flow. Many industries and businesses started following ERP systems earlier this century due to its efficiency and prompt response in their business.

Minibig is guiding, supporting, and developing different ERP systems as per the business requirement for the wide businesses to enhance efficiency and growth. This increase in business development and accomplishment helps the economy.

ERP systems can be categorized as per the industrial and nature of business requirements. The different categories of ERP systems are as follows on which Minibig is offering services.

  • Apparel ERP: This type of system is useful for the clothing industry to alter changes as per the change in fashion trends and seasons change.
  • Automotive ERP: Auto manufacturers use this ERP tool to handle inventory management, quality control, and scheduling.
  • Cannabis ERP: This ERP system is an all-rounder for performing multiple actions within the same business.
  • Construction ERP: This ERP system helps in managing the construction-related tasks management for maintaining and controlling the database and work accordingly.
  • Higher Education ERP: From registration process to exams, this ERP system helps the educational institutions in maintaining their academics and other business activities.
  • Manufacturing ERP or MRP: ERP and MRP provide plans related to the production of products, setup for machine and personal workload, and maintain its schedules. It also handles and manages inventory with the supply chain.

 CRM and Minibig

CRM stands for Customer Relationship ManagementIt is a technology that is used to maintain the records of the old, present, and active customers to manage and maintain the relationships on a professional level. This helps in building better business growth in the industry. However, customers do usually don’t bother to maintain their relationships on a larger scale. Every industry has to maintain and track customer relationships, buying, and selling records for future assistance and response.

In addition to this, Minibig helps different companies and industries on a digital level and develop CRM systems for them. This leads to an increase in the selling of the products more efficiently and smartly using the latest technology and its techniques. By maintaining the customer relationship management using its digital strategies industries will get positive and quick responses. Therefore, it becomes the reason for establishing a successful business.

Minibig along with the above-mentioned services also facilitates its clients with SEO services. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This optimization process is extremely useful for enhancing the business growth using the step by step process of increasing the traffic over your website. The more people will visit the website, the more rapidly ratio of customers increases. We at Minibig has an experienced team who can analyze the website before start working for SEO to investigate the needs within the website for successful SEO results.

SEO works through search engines. For instance, when people are searching for something on the very well-known and famous search engine known as Google, they will find numerous filtered options. Such options are used as keywords to optimize the search. Search Engine Optimization Engineer picks those specific keywords to create an efficient SEO for a specific. However, every website has its own nature and theme thus SEO engineers works accordingly.

Content writers also play a vital role in making useful and beneficial SEO. By article writing, blogs, detailed product descriptions, Meta titles, meta descriptions, body descriptions, etc. helps SEO engineers in enhancing the chances of much more successful SEO results for every website.

Meta Titles are the titles found in google search results as the main heading while under the website link/ URL there is a little description mentioned that indicates basic info about the link is known as Meta description. On the other hand, when people open any particular link there they may find different body descriptions and descriptions as per the product or the item they are searching for written by a content writer. However, language skills and delivery method matters a lot to convince a reader or a person who is searching for something specific.

Graphics designing, website development, and mobile application development are also interesting and valuable services provided by Minibig to its customers and clients. After a deep discussion and precise information gathering, we will start proceeding towards the client’s approach using our latest technology-based skills to fulfill all the required demands of the clients. Our professionals always try their best to deliver genuine and purely required outcomes to satisfy the customer at the best of level. Quick and prompt services are the key reason for Minibig’s success in the present competitive digital media industry.

Minibigtech provides latest news and information regarding all the tech based offerings, features, products, applications and services. It keeps you updated about market trends, social trends and google updates.