Instagram takes live videos to a whole new level with the introduction of its IGTV. The app solely focused on viewing a whole new angle of socializing, solely through pictures, has taken unveiled its new stand-alone app which gives a platform to video creators to have their own channel.

Now the users, especially the video creators, don’t have to limit themselves to a minute long videos only. The apparel features, would be same as that of the live videos. The video will cover the entire mobile screen and the user will not have to wait to select the video as the video will start playing as soon as the viewer opens the app.

The concept behind IGTV is to create their own channel, upload polished videos and showcase their talent. Kevin Systrom, the Instagram CEO, at an event in San Francisco revealed that the idea behind this innovation is to take the video making and video viewership up a notch and set it free to evolve.

Now that Instagram has 1 billion users a month, the stand alone app is also accessible through Instagram app. The videos uploaded on IGTV is curated by the Instagram team itself and the mere idea builds a sense of trust and security.

Although he limit of the duration for all the videos on IGTV are not as short as 60 seconds as that of Instagram, but nonetheless there is a limit of 10 minutes, but some accounts will be able to upload videos of as long as an hour.

Instagram is set out to make a hefty investment as it can be anticipated that IGTV will have a huge number of users just as Instagram. The app is not open for ads as of now and there is no sharing of revenue between the creator and the application, but monetizing at some point is to be expected.