Hunting for a job is every bit hectic job as much as it is necessary. The first thing that comes to an applicant’s mind is his/her LinkedIn account. How much time do we spend in updating and vamping our LinkedIn profile into something more impressive and professional? Certainly, this is the only account where we care to filter our self and at this point which is well-observed by the recruiters.

Now recruiters, are working towards a whole new strategy for hiring people suitable for the job they are offering. A new survey from the website that Simply Hired shows the statistics use of the digital media has changed drastically and now about 38% of hiring managers look up the applicant’s Instagram accounts which is much more than the 29% of managers who focus on the applicant’s LinkedIn.

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? The reason behind this new strategy is the fact that the applicants are more open about their opinions, likes, dislikes and their overall personalities on their social media accounts rather than their LinkedIn accounts filled with their achievements and their success stories.

The best possible way to see if the applicant is fit for the position a company is offering, is by digging out information from their social media accounts. For instance, the recruiting manager of an IT House might be looking for something you have posted about technology and come across your usual posts which have to do nothing with the field, rather your profile is filled with posts of parties and outings. Now if we analyze the situation with the hiring manager’s eye, you are simply a wild youngster with no interest or keen observation of the field you desire to work in, and that’s where all your LinkedIn information goes in vain.

It is not necessary that the recruiting team of the firm you’re applying at, will look you up on social media sites but it is better to be safe than sorry. Now it’s time for you to revamp your social media accounts. This does not mean that you hide your true self rather you buoyantly show your actual filtered personality blended with your passion in a particular field.

If you are applying at a Digital Media Agency, then it is more likely to get you brownie points if you share relevant stories and blogs about Digital Media with a bit of your own insightful commentary regarding that particular field. Or if you are applying where your designing or photography skills matter, then you should post pictures you have clicked or designed, indicating your hobby.

It is good to reveal your complete and true personality on your social media accounts with spectrums of your professionalism in between, to showcase yourself as an organized person in front of the recruiters as well as in general.