Google has been on the road of advancement for quite some time now and it has made some mind blowing announcements at the search giant’s annual developer conference, Google I/O, held on 8th of May 2018. The conference is basically a platform for the managers and executives to present any new revelations regarding their company’s plans or new products.

This time though, Google has made some great revelations which has left everyone speechless at the rate of its advancements. Google had been toying with the Google Maps for quite some time now after much experiments, it has finally announced the new version of the world’s most popular digital maps.

Google has now incorporated the concept of Augmented Reality in its Maps and it appears to be one of the most innovative ideas to shape the map in an even simpler way. The technology used in this feature uses the camera of your smartphone as a medium.

Now when you are running late for a meeting or a conference and you search for the location, you don’t listen to a voice saying, for instance, head South from Utopia Parkway. You don’t know which way is south from your current location so you start walking at one direction and see the blue dot going the other way, you panic for a slight second and turn around until you’re satisfied that you are moving with the blue dot.

Google has finally resolved this issue as it now displays arrows on your screen. All you have to do is shoot up Google Maps on your phone and point the camera in front of you. It will show arrows towards the way you must be heading to, much like crazy taxi.

Google Maps didn’t just settle for this, but experimented a bit more by introducing a guide; which appeared to be an excitable fox, who will lead the way for your utter convenience. Though it is not yet confirmed if this Augmented Reality feature was just a mere experiment or it will be available for public access but the concept had received many cheers and applause during the conference.