Google Crawl Budget Designed to be a Good Citizen


Google Crawl Budget Designed to be a Good Citizen

Google Crawl Budget Designed to be a Good Citizen

Recently, we’ve heard some explanations for “Google crawl budget,” though, we don’t have a single term that would lock “crawl budget” stands for externally. With this blog post, we’ll clarify what we really have and what Crawl budget means for Google bot.

First, we’d like to feature that crawl budget, is not being most publishers have to worry. If new pages manage to be crawled the same day they’re published, crawl budget is not webmasters need to focus about.

Moreover, if a site has fewer than a few thousand URLs, most of the time it will be crawled efficiently.

Prioritizing what to crawl, when, and how many resources the server hosting the site can earmark to crawling is more necessary for bigger sites, or those that auto-generated pages based on URLs parameters, for example.

Crawl rate limit:

If the site returns really quickly for a while, the limit goes up, meaning more connections can be used to crawl. If the site slows down or late responding with server errors, the limit goes down, and Googlebot crawls less.

You can change the GoogleBot crawl rate,  read here how but let me make the things sure, setting higher limits doesn’t automatically increase crawling as well it will manage the crawl budget as described above.