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Facebook and Twitter are the excellent sources of social networks, exceeding freshman and soph sites like Instagram and Google+. We’ve noticed a good deal of other social media networks reach and go over the past conversation, but Facebook and Twitter have both stood not like a chicken. Is the secret here? Their ability to swivel, always modify and push social networks forward by catering to both customers and marketers.

In a nutshell, the question remains: Whichever site should marketers put their efforts toward? What to measure here? Which one to go? People say that Facebook is for connecting with the people you went to school with and Twitter is for people you wished you had gone to school with.

As those services rise in prevalence, companies have started to use them to reach out to sponsors. Some divisions use Twitter as well as Facebook. Any use Facebook and Twitter. Fantastic use of both Facebook and Twitter, although others are making use. Yes, the market for this social networking support does guarantee implementation as a country to reach buyers. But, as I had frequently favored using Facebook, was where room for Twitter at the table?

Alexa Rank:  The algorithm according to whichever Alexa traffic ranking is calculated, is simple. It is based on the volume of traffic photographed from users that have the Alexa toolbar and extensions installed in web browsers over a period of three moons.

Facebook Alexa: Globally: 03, US: 03

Twitter Alexa: Globally: 16, US: 08

Facebook vs. Twitter: By the Statistics Numbers:

It’s almost impossible for any social site to compete with Facebook regarding numbers of users. It has a clear lead, and that’s not working to change anytime soon. But this doesn’t mean that you should completely remove the twitter from the format.

Facebook Statistics:

968 million daily active users

844 million mobile daily active users

1.49 billion monthly active users

1.31 billion mobile monthly active users

83% of users outside of the US and Canada

17,048 employees as of December 31, 2016

Data provided by Facebook.com


Twitter Statistics:

316 million monthly users

80% of active users on mobile

77% of users outside the U.S.

500 million tweets sent per day

3,860 employees

Data provided by Twitter.com


What Twitter lacks in overall users connected to Facebook, it goes up for in additional areas that are critical for businesses. For case, 49% of recurrent Twitter users follow brands or companies, compared to the standard of 16% for other networks. As we’ll see following on, this has a lot to do including how people use Twitter vs. is how they use the Facebook network.

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