What is Facebook Pixel? Best Explanation Ever


What is Facebook Pixel – Best Explanation Ever

What is Facebook Pixel? Best Explanation Ever

What is a Facebook Pixel:

Retargeting? Many people hate to see ads from a website they just visited which lead to me not booking with them!. Trust me you don’t want to see everything back.  But in the year 2016, Facebook just announced the Facebook Pixel which will help you to target every action of your audience on your website and give you reports on Facebook Insights and to retarget the peoples on your way.

In fact, the new Facebook pixel is one of the greatest gains from Facebook since they rolled out their ad platform.

It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to run successful Facebook ads without using Pixel

Ryan, Co-founder of DigitalMarketer.com

3 Ways to Use the:

There are three important uses for the Facebook Pixel:


Building audiences of people who have visited your website, retargeting throughout a sales funnel.


Creating higher converting Facebook campaigns focused on a particular action.


Tracking the performance of a campaign, for example… you can track how many leads or sales were generated from a particular ad.

Just let the artificial intelligence to find best peoples where you about to show/appear your ads and customize in the way you want for.