Automatically Add Captions/Subtitle To Facebook Videos


Automatically Add Captions/Subtitle To Facebook Videos

Automatically add captions/subtitle to Facebook videos

Now you can add captions to your Facebook page’s videos automatically; automated captions are only available for the US English and not yet available for video carousel Facebook ads, video ads on Instagram, 360 videos or Canvas.

You can make use of this feature on the pages where you have access as an admin. The feature has quietly begun to roll out for only US based pages, and it will be made available globally soon.

Manually adding subtitles was the best way to do that for a few years, but now it is not only manual but automatic too.

For now, Facebook wants to help every Page adapt to the silent-until-clicked auto-play format. That way, users in public without headphones can fully understand videos they watch muted, and viewers can make a better evaluation in the first silent moments about whether they want to watch in maximize screen and sounds.

When administrator uploads a video to the page, they’ll get a “Generate Button” in the current editor to add subtitles, or you can also find the “Generate” button above the video in the feed. FB breaks down the subtitles piece by piece, suggest you the corrections, play back that portion to hear it for yourself, and edit the subtitles for accuracy before saving them to the video.