Android VS iPhone: Shall You Switch From iOS Device To Android Device?


Android VS iPhone: Shall You Switch From iOS Device To Android Device?

Android VS iPhone: Shall You Switch From iOS Device To Android Device?

Android has been a king in the market of smartphones as more than 85% sales of smartphones is dependent on Android and IOS devices comes in the remaining 25%. Is Apple Company theme song introducing are launching new smartphones like iPhone 6 iPhone 7 and so on they have to build an interface that can push the uses of smartphones to switch from Android to iOS device. Android app development is increasing day by day.

A Different Interface

If you want to switch from Android to iOS device like iPhone then you must remember that you will be experiencing a very different interface and you need to learn some of the different features that an iOS device has. All the Android devices might differ in some of the features but the major and gold features remain seem like photos and other options.

Contact Details And Bookmarks

No matter if you are changing your device from Android to iOS or iOS to Android device even though you can keep your contacts and your bookmarks saved. As there is an application of iCloud which can back-up all your contacts and bookmarks and you can match them with any device you want.

Connectivity Remains Same With Texting

Android or iOS all the devices have all those features which are required to be connected with people. Even if you are using Whatsapp, lineViber etc. you can still use the same things even if you have separated from Android or iOS and moved to any other device or operating system. Aldi messaging applications are available on Android and iOS devices both.

But still keep one thing in mind that a iOS device uses imessage application which is specifically for Apple only device. Once you have switched from iOS to Android device you must change the iMessage setting otherwise all the messages will be received in iMessage application which will not even be shown to you. As android development has enhanced, iOS developers are seldom found to cater all needs.

Compatibility Of Applications

Every application is not compatible on IOS and Android devices both, and some of the applications are built only for iOS devices which are not being used on Android devices. Certain number of categories and certain number of applications are found in such a way that they can only be used on Apple based smartphone OS on Android or other devices they will not run.

Music And Access To It

Whenever you want to change from iOS to Android devices you can because the music files that are automatically downloaded or run on Apple phone are automatically converted to the compatible version for Android devices. As MP3 runs on the smartphone and MP4 on Apple phone, then when you switch from iOS device to Android device all your music files automatically convert to MP3 files. Android mobile app development is taking pace instantly.

Working Of Accessories

Some other cities might not work on Android which are used in iOS devices because of the difference in sockets that on the iOS phone. Other devices like Bluetooth as a city such as headphones and speakers Etc. to work with the Android as well as iOS devices.

Security Differences

As far as the security is concerned, Apple’s Touch ID sensor is a technology that is used in Apple devices only but some of the Android devices do also provide thumbprint scanners and other types of security patches which are in Apple phones. Many companies are carrying on custom mobile app development to cater such needs.

Viruses And Hacking Attacks

As Android is different than iPhone devices there are many of the exercises which are given to the Android users but not to the iOS devices users. The more expressive Android devices are the more they are vulnerable because of installation of applications from unknown sources or unknown website.

Photography On Android Device

Maybe Apple phones have good photography sensors and cameras what Android devices do also have a very good photography cameras as we have an example of Samsung Galaxy phones that have good pixels and clear photography. If you want to explore if you’re already taking photographs from iPhone to any Android device then you may export all your photos.

Switching from Android to iPhone

If you are using an iOS device and you want to move all your data from Android device to an iOS device then you can use an application to export and import.