Android Phones Become Beautiful With Google Wallpapers Application


Android Phones Become Beautiful With Google Wallpapers Application

Google Wallpapers Application

So many mobile applications for wallpapers are available on Google Play Store. No doubt they have fulfilled the promise of coming up with the most of the requirements related to making the Android phones beautiful and attractive. New step of Google, the owner of Android system, is about dedicating a new application of wallpapers to all the uses of Android phones. This application is now available in Google Play Store to be downloaded and used instantly. The concern of the application is not only on providing high quality wallpapers instead it has an integrated system that allows the user to use images and its other services including Google Maps, Google+ and other partners. Android phone can be customized directly by using wallpapers and the images for the background. It has up to five (5) categories out of which you can choose the background image. Apart from this, user can also select images available already by Google. These categories include Landscapes, Earth, cityscapes, textures and life. It has an extraordinary option of selecting the new image everyday automatically, saving time and attention of the user for changing the image every day. It has a facility for the user to put the different images for home screen and lock screen.

Enjoy a different face for your Android phone every day and choose an image that suits best with your mood!