Marketing And Advertising Of Brands Through Youtube Advertising: Benefits And Methods


Marketing And Advertising Of Brands Through YouTube Advertising: Benefits And Methods

Marketing And Advertising Of Brands Through Youtube Video Advertising Its Benefits, Types And Methods

YouTube is a platform where videos cannot just be watched but also the promotions on the videos can be placed to get more traffic and more output. YouTube is a place where effective videos regarding animals, pets, kittens, musicians, performances Etc. can be published and promoted. It is now an entertainment point. People keep on publishing their personal and other videos, that can be a music or dance video which is purely made by them and they have promoted the way to get popularity just like a professional song or a professional video. People are nowadays making videos on YouTube and earning more than billions.

YouTube is a social networking website where the videos are published and it has more than 1 billion views in a day that shows that if YouTube was a search engine then it would be the second largest search engine in the world after Google.

It was YouTube that made Gangnam Style song the viral one on internet with the help of YouTube advertising tactics. It is a logic behind every marketing strategy that a marketer must be at that point where the people are. And as for the record there is more traffic on YouTube so that marketing of any product or service or organization must be made on YouTube with the help of YouTube advertisement technology. Most of the videos that are more interesting but they remain hide can be published worldwide and can increase the reach of people with the help of advertisements made on YouTube. With YouTube advertising revenue of companies increase faster than other promotions.

How To Advertise On YouTube With The Help Of Display And Video Advertisement

Google is the king of internet which has taken over YouTube so now the length of videos on YouTube are made customized to be used as an advertisement in AdWords. There are lots of advertisement options but two options are major including display ads and video ads.

Display Advertisement On YouTube

YouTube display advertisement exists within Google Display Network where the YouTube videos are made popular. The advertisements are made on YouTube videos as a pop ups. It has two types, number one is a standard Banner ad number two is in-video overlay ads.

The first type is similar to the Google display advertisements available with the standard Banner sizes with rich media ads, they can be used with the topic categories and keywords, the user can specify where he or she wants these banner ads to appear.

In-video overlay ads are the second type where the advertisement appears as a pop ups within videos which are already targeted then selected, in this destination URLs can be of any location even Outside YouTube.

YouTube Display Ads Minibig
YouTube Display Ads Format Screenshot

Video Advertisements And Advertising On YouTube

YouTube video advertisement is so simple and it’s completely free as the user can use itself. User can even hire someone to give the advertisement a professional look. In this section user must not be more detailed as people don’t want extended videos. It asks the user to be interesting and impressive with some personalization. YouTube has already made tutorials and guide to help the users reach target traffic and create video ads wisely. It makes the user understand how to make an impressive video or record it and optimize it for SEO. YouTube and Google are always available to support and teach how to market a specific market targeted video.

YouTube has made a feature called “True View”. By this you only pay when actually your video is watched by someone. It falls under the umbrella of actual views and budgeted targeting helps saving money and spending when actually someone has watched your video by selecting and clicking.

Youtube Video Ads format Screenhot
YouTube Video Ads format Screenshot

Mobile Advertisement With YouTube Ads

With YouTube ads you can reach smartphones user and make them watch your promoted video. It can extend your views and reach. They are suitable for mobile phones, smartphones and tablets as well. YouTube advertising benefits are uncountable when we talk about small screens.

Youtube Mobile Advertisement format Screenshot
YouTube Mobile Advertisement format Screenshot

Homepage Ads On YouTube

Marketers or brands can buy a slot on homepage of YouTube to ensure lot of people view, watch and put attention on the advertisements. It also has a feature called YouTube Readblock where only one advertiser can buy the full home page and remove the hurdles of competition for 24 hours. Only his/her ads will be presented on whole YouTube home page. By this marketer can gain attention of 23 million viewers at a time. No doubt it is expensive but has a very good response and suitable for branding purpose.

YouTube Homepage Advertisement Format Screenshot
YouTube Homepage Advertisement Format Screenshot

Benefits Of YouTube Advertising

There Are Several Benefits Of YouTube Advertising

They can market your products or service to millions of people with multiple ways available. Video websites keep people engaged for hours and advertising there can grab more eyes on your product. It can target a specific market and has ability to reach many people related to your targeted traffic. Pay per view system of Google AdWords and YouTube helps advertise to keep a budget and advertise accordingly. YouTube advertising cost is affordable. You can also measure the success of your videos and keep track of all the activities. Customer feedback is an option added in YouTube. It is suitable and effective for B2B and B2C marketing both.

YouTube Advertising By MiniBig Technologies

MiniBig Technologies, a digital media marketing agency, provides YouTube advertising services, has experienced professionals to cater all your advertising need, understand better the scenario and category of your business, and make ads prominent and impressive to be viewed frequently. MiniBig technologies knows your business and target market. It does not only help in advertising but also can make videos for you that involve interest of your targeted customers.